Breaking through to your bigger game

Your people will be sailing out of the room after experiencing their never-to-be-forgotten breakthrough in this powerful game-changing program! Experience a major shift in how you see your work, your role and what results are possible. Paradigm-shifting breakthroughs happen not when outer conditions change but when we ourselves change. In this incredibly inspiring and powerful seminar (George’s most popular program), you and your people will experience your own powerful breakthrough with your work, your vision, your leadership and your performance and results. You and your people will:

  • Shift from being good in your “smaller game” to clarifying your own exhilarating Bigger Game
  • Shift from a transactional to a transformational framework
  • Discover “The 2 Quantum Questions” that will transform every challenge into a powerful advantage
  • For some programs, experience the life-changing experience of breaking a board as a result of having experienced your own inner breakthrough
  • Become an unstoppable leader who thrives when faced with adversity while others despair and “hold on”
  • Experience your own inner breakthrough that lays the foundation for Bigger Game results
  • Learn the breakthrough technique that has allowed George to help thousands of people to experience their breakthrough
  • Shift into your “Bigger Game” – a transformational interaction that allow you to experience your breakthrough at the event

Will You Evolve or Expire? 

make innovation your greatest asset

All leaders, brokers, agents, organizations and industries are facing the same reality: unless they innovate to provide irreplaceable value then they won’t have a job or a company or perhaps even an industry within five years. Shocking, yet true. To survive – much less thrive – innovation must become your greatest asset – both personally and organizationally. As Jeff Bezos said, “What’s dangerous is not to evolve.” In his trademark combination of high content, breakthrough tools and lots of humor and energy, George will teach you to…

  • Create a powerful new way of looking at your business and your role
  • Learn how you are likely stuck in your “box” – and how to get out of it
  • Blow past your old, fixed approaches because what got you here won’t get you to the next level
  • Learn the skill of asking the million dollar game-changing questions vs. trying to have the safe answer
  • Learn to leverage changes as catalysts of innovation while those around you worry and try to “hold on”
  • Understand how most organizations are focused on not getting it wrong vs. finding a “new right”
  • Discover how your bottom-line objectives will not be achieved by bottom-line thinking
  • Leave with a three-point plan for ensuring your evolution and success regardless of the marketplace 

Radical Resilience:

4 Keys for Thriving During Change & Challenge

Our world and ways of doing business are changing daily in ways we’ve never seen before. In fact, change is the one constant upon which we can rely. And this can be challenging as it’s hard, unknown and our old approaches no longer work. As a result, we can often fear it, avoid it, and fight it so that we don’t have to deal with it. We like to stick with the old model, the proven approach. And yet this often leads to stress, poor results and missed opportunities to innovate, evolve and grow. In this inspirational, practical and light-hearted keynote, George helps to expand our thinking, interpretations and assumptions about all of it as well as strategies, tools and humor to not only help us navigate these changes more skillfully but more lightly! In this keynote…

  • Learn to not only embrace change and challenge but leverage it as opportunity to innovate and leap forward
  • Discover the key principles for becoming a change leader for you and your team.
  • Develop a game-changing vision that eclipses any challenges you may encounter along the way
  • Learn to shift the story from one of challenge to that of a bold adventure
  • Discover how to tap into the capacity within yourself to deal with any challenge
  • Learn how to bring creativity and innovation into all areas of your business: your thinking, relationships, culture, and conversations.