We are a leadership development organization that helps leaders and organizational teams experience game-changing breakthroughs with clarifying, creating and successfully achieving their Bigger Game.


Regardless of what business you are in, your business relies on your people being able to not only work well with each other, but to be committed to a common vision, to have a high level of trust and teamwork, to skillfully navigate through inevitable interpersonal challenges and to operate as a high-performing team.

Common Team Challenges

Too often we find teams and companies that are suffering from:

  • Lack of a unified, clear and engaging vision
  • Competing objectives between people, teams and divisions
  • Lack of trust
  • Lack of understanding of other personaltiy styles, types and approaches
  • Poorly managed time and meetings
  • Lack of focus and skills of how to work with all of the above

We Help Teams To…

  • Clarify their unified Bigger Game vision so they pull in the same direction
  • Elevate their levels of trust and teamwork
  • Create a team culture of mutual support and high engagement
  • Learn effective skills to address differences and issues
  • Elevate the levels of enagement and innovation
  • Accelerate performance and attainment of goals

We do this through...

  • Team offsites that help teams see with new eyes, discover exciting new possibilities and solutions, clarify their bold vision, have honest and authentic conversations, deepen their connection and trust, and walk away with a clear way forward
  • Team building experiences that enliven, connect, develop trust, connection and commitment. These can include a powerful board-breaking process that helps each person to have a life-changing personal and team breakthrough.
  • Periodic team development sessions to assess "wins" and challenges, get coaching to get past challenges and develop clear goals, actions, accountability and support to have everyone experience big wins before the next team gathering.
  • Skill Building so the team can learn the skills needed to become high performing leaders and teams. These might include learning about each other's personality types, how to effectively work with different types, communication skills, creating positive accountability, focus and time management, leadership of others, etc.

executive coaching


Executive Breakthrough Coaching is a powerful, results-based process that helps leaders (regardless of title) to take their personal leadership, effectiveness, skills and results to an incredible level. This is an extremely powerful coaching experience that changes lives.

The coaching is centered around a bold “stretch goal" that forms the basis of your coaching experience. Perhaps it’s a developmental goal you have, or a team goal you need to achieve or you are stepping up into a higher role. Through the process of working towards achieving this goal, you will master:

  • Self-Awareness: Illuminate your strengths, challenges, blind spots and patterns so that you have the awareness and framework to make a game-changing personal breakthrough with how you show up in life and work.
  • Self-Mastery: Become fully responsible for your performance, success, challenges and responses. An inside-out approach to leadership that emphasizes empowered ownership of your results.
  • Growth Plan: Clarify specific performance goals, roles, priorities and work vision. We support you the entire way to ensure your success.
  • Vision & Possibility: Expand your vision and sense of what’s possible and become a creative and visionary thinker and leader. Develop a clear, bold and inspiring vision for yourself and your team.
  • Leverage Passion: Passion is what drives people to greatness. Get very clear about your core passions and how to bring those out fully and effectively in your life, work and leadership to make the greatest impact.
  • Overcome Hurdles: Learn to shift your relationship to “problems” so that they become opportunities for creativity, growth, innovation and a vehicle for taking your skills to the next level. 
  • Thriving within Challenge: Learn to thrive within an environment of stress, conflict and change.
  • Improved Focus and Effectiveness: Learn to work within “the zone” of laser focus and a high degree of effectiveness.
  • Individual Leadership Skill Development: Learn core leadership and coaching skills to expand from “managing” to inspiring, igniting, leveraging and truly being a leader of others.


Our Approach

We provide a focused, results-oriented approach with specific goals whose outcomes can be measured – even with qualitative goals. We “get to the point” by helping organizations clarify their real goals – those goals that support creating a great organization. During this process we also get to the core roadblocks that have prevented the attainment of these goals thus far – always an illuminating process.

We then provide the structure, strategies and accountability that keep the attainment of the goals on the front burner. We use the shared team goals as a vehicle to better understand the nature of both the strengths and assets as well as the unproductive patterns and dysfunctions of the team and its culture. When these are clarified and resolved with new strategies and tools, the team becomes unstoppable.

Our work is not about motivational pep talks or short-term fix-it programs. Our work challenges every employee to become more self-aware and empowered, and to develop within themselves the skills for true leadership, effective relationships, acceleration of their productivity, and inwardly inspired work that is focused towards the success of both the individuals and the organization.

We provide a combination of training, coaching, keynote speaking programs, and rejuvenating leadership retreats. Every project or program is custom-created for the exact needs of the team or organization based on our initial extensive discussion.