We help people to "live awake" in their lives and work - which means mindfully, intentionally and with purpose, passion and taking enough risks to let you know you are alive. Our passion is helping people to focus on those things that will have the biggest impact on themselves and others and to help them have game-changing shifts past their old limits in order to make the impact they are hear to create. We work with individuals, leaders and executives, corporate teams and workplaces.


George Fleming

George is the founder of InsightAction, a group of transformative consultants and coaches committed to helping people to live and lead consciously and reach their authentic potential. He is a consultant, coach, and speaker who specializes in coaching and developing CEO’s, senior leaders and leadership teams to accelerate their leadership, teaming and effectiveness.

George’s passion and gifts include his ability to help leaders and teams to achieve bold, tangible, measurable goals while helping them to experience profound personal and team transformation in the process. While the goals may include improved performance, visionary and effective leadership, or overcoming individual and organizational barriers, the path he takes to achieve these goals is not typical. Clients achieve their goals through expanded awareness, shifts in patterns, clearly seeing and overcoming their blind spots, and greatly expanding their sense of what’s possible. As a result, both the organization and its individuals are transformed. George is often brought in to work with senior executives and especially when difficult team or relationship dynamics are in play. George has an experienced, skillful, bold yet light approach which gives people confidence to “go big” with their growth, leadership and results. George works with a range of organizations and leaders: from small start-ups to large Fortune 100 corporations.

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Moe Bruce

A talented facilitator, coach and consultant with a strong entrepreneurial background, Moe is renowned for deep listening, exceptional insights and world class questions that open leaders to new ambitions and performance. Working for twenty years in fifteen countries, she has been in high demand by CEOs in both small and large global organizations, in the public and private sector.  Moe is a natural connector who easily and professionally engages with any level of leadership. She is honest, courageous and bold and will not hesitate to inspire any leader to be their best and live their most authentic life.

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Brian Jaudon

Brian is an organizational development consultant and coach who specializes in senior leadership team development focusing on strategy, cohesion and alignment. Brian has a passion for whole system change and draws on his extensive training in family systems, emotional, intelligence, mediation and other approaches. Brian has been called a master coach by his peers and clients alike because of his skill and natural ability to facilitate change at any level of the system - whether it’s the whole enterprise, a specific division or team, or an individual executive. 

Brian works with clients in many different industries throughout the United States and Canada and include health care, manufacturing, technology and consulting. They range from global corporations to regional nonprofits. Brian brings a collaborative approach to his work with clients, ensuring there is alignment and shared ownership at every step of the journey. Rather than positioning himself as an industry expert, he works with each client to draw out the innate intelligence and wisdom needed to create healthy, sustainable and high-performing organizations. 

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Rebekah Nanfria

Rebekah is an ICF Certified Coach who brings intelligence, integrity and intuitive understanding to her work. You will experience a mix of care, encouragement and rigor in rewriting unproductive thinking and activating your goals. She easily creates deep connections with clients and inspires the articulation and achievement of personal/professional vision through an experimental, curious and playful process. She holds a BFA from Southern Methodist University and regularly applies her creative skills to challenge clients to design a life that meets their definition of success. She is passionate about mindset, communication and team building. She works with an array of clients from performers to CEO’s.