In the four months that I have been working with George, I can honestly say that I have transformed my life.
— Robin H., coaching client

What is Breakthrough Coaching?

Breakthrough Coaching is a dynamic relationship that empowers you to play a bigger game in your life and work. On one level, it’s about helping you to successfully clarify and achieve your vision and goals. On a deeper level, it’s about experiencing inner transformation at a core level by moving past old patterns, struggle, blind spots and limiting beliefs and living and working with total empowerment, joy, confidence, and boundless possibility. This is not just “rah rah” coaching – this is about profound shifts that result in tremendous outcomes.

As your coach, I am your partner and I am fully committed to your success. Based on your input, I will provide the structure, accountability, and support to help you be the person that you most want to be while also helping you to dream big, push past obstacles, and actually reach your most important goals. Sessions take place either by phone or, if you are local, in person.

I want to thank you for all you have done for me over these many years. I attribute so much of my success in all aspects of my life to you and the work we have done together. It has literally been life-changing in many profound ways.
— D.G., coaching client

What Can I Expect to Achieve?

Specifically, Breakthrough Coaching helps you to:

  • Greatly increase your level of self-awareness: Who you truly are, what brings you alive, and your highest passions and strengths
  • Accelerate the achievement of your most important goals and take your effectiveness to new levels
  • Overcome obstacles, limiting beliefs, habits, and patterns that have held you back up until now
  • Live, work, and lead others guided by a powerful, authentic and passionate vision
  • Live and work more authentically – utilizing and expressing your true passions and gifts
  • Master the skills to be an effective, empowered, and inspired leader, parent, or spouse
  • Have your life, work, and relationships reflect your true self in a balanced and fulfilling way
Wow what a way to just blow my mind this afternoon! So I wanted to let you know how awesome you are and how powerful the work you do is in my life. This is such a huge gift - thank you for always pushing me to live big, get deep into my higher self, and break free from my old patterns. It is just so great to be free.
— D.W., coaching client
"Turn To Clear Vision"

"Turn To Clear Vision"

A few nuts and bolts...

  • A typical coaching schedule includes 2 sessions per month, 1-hr each

  • There is support offered in between calls if and when helpful

  • Those considering coaching should plan on at least a three month commitment

  • We start with a 2-hr Foundation session to make sure we set you (and us) to be fully successful with this venture 

  • Most of my client sessions are by phone

George’s coaching played a crucial role in helping me flesh out and prioritize my goals and desires. Through a combination of fun assignments and creative visualizations, he guided me to a place that I knew existed in myself but was unable to access by myself.
— S.K., coaching client
How can I describe my work with George? He believes and sees things that I am blind to. The challenge he offers is the biggest one in life – it is daring to believe that you can be great.
— J.P , Coaching Client.